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Updated: Jun 5, 2021


Everytime the sun hits my face I’m reminded of you

Maybe it’s the warmth

The way it touches my skin

But somehow seems to be left lingering in my soul

The way it rests upon the beds of my lashes

The rays stretching and reaching to simply feel my face

Maybe it’s like sensory reminiscence

Just as I thought of you every morning when the first glimmer of


met my eyes

I think of you now in its presence


But you only thought of me when the sun went down

The lonely moon the only thing to oversee your dirty deeds


Maybe it’s the way it falls upon all the land

Instantly making it more beautiful with its presence


The roaring ocean

Now calm and glimmering

The grey plains

Now warm and waving

Maybe it’s the color


The fluorescent flash warned me to proceed with caution


I pressed on into you faster than light

Maybe it’s the light

You were my light



P.S. Want to watch me read Sunkissed instead? Hear it from me, right here!

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