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For my, “Work life balance? Don’t know her!” chicas - this section of the blog is for YOU…As well as my fellow multi passionate mamas, *recovering* perfectionists, dreamers, and achievers!

This section of the blog was created to bring you both the clarity and confidence to be BOSSY AF - (whether that be in the career way, the Khaleesi kind-a-way, or the Kelis Rogers way) - through illuminating powerful pathways leading you to achieve your dream of a kick-ass career, all while giving you the resources to continue killing the game in all of the OTHER areas of your life with work/life balance hacks, WFH remedies, plus a vivid variety of other ways to make the most out of your day for all my boss babes!


Bid farewell to fighting to stay afloat, and find the tools to fly to greater heights - without letting work take over every waking moment of your life! This section of the blog will empower you to finally feel on top of your game, and support a surer sense of what stepping into “success” REALLY means, looks, and feels like for YOU. 

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