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My (Below The Surface) Story

I once was an obsessive extremist, plagued with perfectionist ideals and the fear that I had to choose one thing or another - between black and white, right and wrong, feeling good and looking good, loving myself and living for others, wanting a comfortable career and wanting to travel and volunteer, following my heart and following my logic, feeling in flow and feeling like I’m flailing, and between being my authentic self and the self I thought I “should” be in order to achieve “success.”

I was discouraged, depressed, dissatisfied, and I didn’t know where in the heck the silver lining could be located - and unfortunately MapQuest wasn’t making it any more helpful.


This dissatisfaction and disillusionment I had for myself, and life itself, weighed on my whole being for YEARS.


Until I uncovered the secret solution, that was (hint!) already both around and inside of me, just like it is in YOU.


I discovered the fulfilling flow that lives in that fine line between the extremes, and instead of staying in some black and white box of societies “shoulds”, I broke free into becoming my most balanced, authentic, and happily harmonious self - like MAGIC.


And by “magic” I mean, by making moves and doing some personal work. 

Including: moving to a developing country for a year long volunteer opportunity, accompanied by no one and nothing I knew besides my singular suitcase. (Which, for the record, is enough to turn any curious caterpillar into a big ol’ butterfly)!

As well as (in no particular order) graduating and going on to gain growth in other eclectic educational courses, adopting (as the result of undiagnosed injury) a new focus on flowing for fitness, exploring new levels of me time amidst the lockdown - including beginning practices in meditation, mindfulness, and making my own space in the world. And finally - post a killing me slowly corporate career at a law firm in FiDi - came into my career copywriting and creating for a team (of the most wonderful boss-lady mentors you’ll ever meet!), whom recently began working on a revolutionary new program that will undoubtedly transform the way we view our brains, bodies, and beliefs - as well as how we go about making our OWN feel complete.

THAT’s the breakthrough that brought me to you.

And after (finally!) feeling like I’ve found MY space, I’m here to help you step into yours.

I want to support you in birthing your OWN breakthrough balance (without the uncontrollable contractions OR the pushing pain!) - in whatever of those 5 flavors you feel called to in that blog bar up there.

...OR, better yet, my favorite self-serve bar answer being: ALL of the above, baby! 

To say it REAL simply, I wanna help you to have your bowl of life-cream, banana split, berry sundae (whatever you want hunny buns ;) and eat it too - within ALL the things you want to (and have to!) do. 

Basically, I wanna be your go-to, BFF for all things embracing your unique authenticity,  empowering perspectives and philosophies that push the envelope on what’s possible, breaking through self limiting beliefs, and becoming your best, most balanced self.  

About: About


Great question.

...Hey, I like curious people like you :)

Every Wednesday, a new blog will be right here, waiting just for YOU ;) - with every blog having been designed around helping you:

1. Uncover your breakthrough balance as an individual, both emotionally and aesthetically, through powerful philosophies and physical fitness findings - discussed in Fitness Flows and Balanced Beliefs.




2. Discover your power in the paradox - through that fine line between the black and white - with Personal perspectives, Travel takeaways, courageous conversations, and Career controversies and confessionals.

Whatever the blog subject may be, each posting will bring you a powerful perspective and/or a practical tool that will pull you closer to becoming your best, most balanced, YOU - whether you’re looking to become more balanced, or simply improve the balancing act you currently have going ;)

And so, I bring you a space where, instead of just talking about those things that are trending, we can also talk through those things many mark as “taboo” with total transparency.

But more than a space, I bring you a community of harmony-seeking humans, just like you, looking to find their breakthrough balance in all things career, wellness, social, and SO much more - from traveling to talking through those tougher topics boxing you in from embodying your infinite potential.

I’ll be personally progressing down this path to living in empowered alignment with you, and can’t wait to discover and grow through this journey to finding the perfectly imperfect balance that’s unique to me and you!

So, what do you say?  Will you join me in this journey to becoming our most authentic, impassioned, in sync and on FIRE self?

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